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At The Brush Creek LTD we offer the finest gunsmithing work for the serious Cowboy enthusiast. We understand the game and the needs and wants of the competition shooter. With one of the largest lines of custom options for the era realistic arms currently being offered, we can satisfy the need of even the most specialized modifications. We also make some of the finest era style accessories also, so grab your hat and gun belt and lets get shootin!

"Brush Creek Guns understands Cowboy Shooting...
and we share your enthusiasm!"
Colt, Uberti & Clones
We offer complete, professional action jobs on Colts, Uberti's and clone pistols.

Action Job Only- $115.00
For an additions fee we will
also finish grind the sides of the hammer for less drag
$20.00 w/action job above
$35.00 as ala carte service
Stoeger Coach Guns
After we lighten up the springs we polish and chamfer the chambers then polish the triggers for a smooth and custom look and feel. If you liked the way your Stoeger felt before, you'll love it even more.

Stoeger Action Job - $115.00
Let us refinish your Marlin or Winchester with tung oil for a true era correct finish. Even guns with some competition wear can be made to look like new. We will also do any modifications you might wish while it is being refinished reducing the down time.
Rossi/EMF, Hartford Model 92
We offer action jobs on most lever guns. If it's a Rossi/EMF or Hartford/Marlin 38 cal. or 45 cal. we can install a Stainless Steel follower for an additional cost. On the Rossi/EMF Hartford Models we can also remove the bolt safety and replace it with round plug.

Full Action Job - $125.00

Add Stainless Steel Follower
w/Action job - $15.00

Add Stainless Steel Follower
w/o Action job - $35.00

Add Stainless Steel Follower
45-70 w/o Action job - $20.00

Add Stainless Steel Follower
45-70 w/o Action job - $40.00
Mojo Shirts & Accessories